Kids & Sensitive skin

Vitara Skinbefine Lotion

Soothing Lotion Reduces Dryness and Skin Irritation

Lotion for alleviating the burning, itching, scaly patches, irritating, and any discomfort feeling in dry to super dry skin. Suitable for sensitive skin even children and the elderly.

Vitara Skinbefine Lotion helps to restore and preserve skin's barrier to lessen the dry itching skin with long-lasting hydration in the healing process.


  • Glucan-CMF : Rebalances the skin's protective system and soothes irritated for sensitive and itching skin. And able to boost the anti-
    viral immunity of epidermal keratinocytes, preparing them for a potential viral infection.
  • Hyalo® :  The low molecular weight of Hyaluronic acid which is well absorbed helps to retain moisture for long period.
    And it helps to improve smooth silky touch and softness of the skin.
  • Hyatal® :  The high molecular weight of Hyaluronic acid which forms a film barrier on the skin surface which help to protect and
    preserve water balance. It also has the properties of anti-aging, moisturization, and soften the skin.


Apply on the affected area three times daily in the morning, noon, and evening or as needed.

                                                                                                                          Product Size 

                                                                                                             30 g


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